our philosophy

Music wields enormous power to inspire a rich blend of passions like love, hope and faith. We only like to act as a robust medium to let music’s soulful energy flow freely across.


Music signifies life and Geo Music aims to celebrate both in a befitting fashion. The transcending sounds from various genres having an overwhelming power to dissolve boundaries, forge bonds and heal souls deserve rich tributes. The launch of this harmonious expedition aspires to achieve just that.

This proud Pakistani platform came into existence in 2014 with an aim to afford the enthusiasts of music a riveting experience in the realm of finest sounds from the ever-flourishing musical landscape of Pakistan as well as what flows from the latest international scene.

Through its releases of music productions, this label has enriched its catalogue with both entertainment and content to cater to the marketing and synchronization worlds. This platform is proud of having on board a bouquet of acclaimed musicians and producers from across Pakistan as well as other parts of the world.

Geo Music has emerged as a potent force within the home-grown independent music community. It is making its presence resound by courtesy of its solid and ever-growing roster of artists, yielding impressive productions, and its ever-expanding distribution and PR network.

It also offers services as a booking agency for its artists besides organizing special events in Pakistan and abroad.

A hunt for new and emerging talent remains constantly on under this banner. The intended goal is to help the artists hone their skills, ensuring they make their mark in local music scene through contributions that not only meet the quality benchmarks but push the bar further up.


Our vision is to dig deep and uncover new talent through a country-wide comprehensive hunt, and on top of it ensuring provision of uninterrupted guidance and support to these artists through their journey to fame and stardom.


We firmly believe in the power of music magic that can obscure boundaries and walls between the peoples, thus, our mission is to promote and support quality music. ‘Live in Harmony’ is our slogan.


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