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Zahra's love with music started since her early school days as she actively participated in musical competitions and events. She was the President of the music society at Lahore Grammar School. Ultimately representing her school in the All Pakistan Music Conference she won the second award in the light vocal category. She was also an active member of the music society at LUMS. Suffice to say Zahra had been inclined towards music from a very young age.

Hassan, on the other hand, was a latecomer into the world of music. His talent was discovered after an unexpected but pleasantly surprising vocal performance during a ‘sing-song’ gathering at home. He was immensely encouraged by his family to earnestly pursue singing. And so he did. Hassan started pursuing music actively during his later school and college years at Aitchison and Penn State University through performances at various talent shows.

Zahra & Hassan have great patterns and the power they release is immense, which makes their rhythm sensational. However, what sets them apart are the times when their vocals are the lead instruments resonating over the music.

The duo is passionate about creating music that appeals to their heart while essentially laying emphasis on melody and lyrics. Clearly a strong point of their song writing is the ability to blend many different styles into a song. Their music conveys an image of love and harmony that they want to promote through their brother and sister duo. Zahra & Hassan are committed to experimenting with new styles and forms rather than be taken hostage by success as commercial artists and thus creating formula music.

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Zara & Hassan album track listing

Pyaar ki in Raahon
duration: 00:04:30
release: 2014
Ni Soniyeh
duration: 00:05:13
release: 2014
Ujla Kaajal
duration: 00:04:54
release: 2014


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