A band of 3 brothers, belonging to the Patiala Gharana of music.

Inam Ali Khan is a hard core classical singer. The audience is mesmerized when they hear him sing complicated taan – Alaap with utmost ease.

Wali Hamid Ali khan is the lead vocalist of the band. He is a pop rock, sufi rock and semi classical singer and composer. A marvelous stage performer, he keeps the audience on their feet with his high octane performances.

Nayab Ali, is a classical and semi classical singer. He is known for his God-gifted voice and soulful renditions of classical and sufi melodies.

RAGABOYS album track listing

Laagye Re Nain
duration: 00:03:49
release: 2013
Hey Mori Lagan
duration: 00:04:03
release: 2013
Nain Se Nain
duration: 00:03:01
release: 2013


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