Patli Kameriya
Patli Kameriya



I would like to thank each and everyone who have made this album possible. I would like to thank my sponsor Mr. Kashif Zia of Forvil Cosmetics whose support was crucial for this album, Mr faizyab Siddiqui for helping me throughout my carreer. Raheel "Raju" for all the wonderful compositions and lyrics, Shumair for his untiring sound production and his compositions as well. Azhar malik and Ustad Aslam for guiding me. Amer Munnawer and Moon for awesome "arrangements".

Tauseef and Naeem of "Feesaut" for standing by me. My manager Marcus for helping me. Yasir Nisar and Yousaf Fayyaz for all the wonderful photographs and the website. Saleem Khan and bobby Sahotra also for great pics. Saleem Kamran for his support on the show circut. Faizan and Saadan Peerzada for giving me the opportunity to perform at the "world performing arts festival" and also for introducing me on the international circut.

Jawad Basheer and Jalal and Amir for directing all those great "videos".

Nabeel for being kind enough to sponsor my "wardrobe". But most of all I would like to thank my "family". My mom, my sisters Michelle, Marylin, Sherry, Candi, my brother Steve and my nieces and nephews for backing me all the way. Last but not the least the person without whom I have not achieved anything, the person who actually believed in my talent, more than I did myself, that person is none other than Nadeem Khan, my producer, promoter but more than all that for being my mentor.

Natasha album track listing

Duur Na Jaana
duration: 00:04:47
release: 2013
Jhoom Jhoom
duration: 00:04:26
release: 2013
Sapnon mein Aao
duration: 00:04:41
release: 2013


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