Taher Shah has got competition and It is Salman Ahmed

  • Posted: July 11, 2017 - 17:17 PKT
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Salman Ahmed has a right to remain silent but he prefers to sing . Inexplicably he finds it even better to sing it all with his spouse .If that duo enterprise on sonic attack is not enough he chucks in a Pink Floyd riff and layers it over his rants and chants .The end result is pretty painful on ears yet there is more to the assault . A video that has pretty much nothing in it yet a never ending scroll of credits in which the former Junoon axeman doesn't fail to mention a Special Thanks to Allama Iqbal. Say What ? In brief,if PMNL was the reason for PTI's loss in the much controversial presidential elections this Baysura anthem is there to ensure that Kap'taan will lose again .

Listening is painful but by keeping the eyes shut during the course of previewing the video could ease your pain. No guarantee on that available though .

This mayhem Imran Ka Naya Pakistan is like a fast spreading virus on the internet at the moment ,hence quickly is safe to state the Taher Shah has got competition"Eye To PTI"



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