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  • Posted: December 13, 2017 - 19:34 PKT
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Most bands reform during the course of their career . Many re-unite but some revamp with a completely different dimension. The iconic band The Milestones for one has restructured with a totally different outlook . The new Milestones ,more mature in its appearance and more refined in terms of music, have inducted a versatile singer Roop Ali , sister of the legendary singer Sajjad Ali ,in the ranks and launched a single titled Socha Na Tha.

"Socha Na Tha " would be The Milestones first outing since its on-hiatus days in 1995. The pop/rock track is creating ripples in the cyber territory and has racked in thousands of views on the internet in a matter of a few days after it's launch .

The accompanying video for Socha Na Tha is a psychedelic trip focusing on the band's vision of art and abstraction. Armored in visual effects the stellar composition is a perfect blend of music and visuals. That it is going down well with it's fans goes without a saying . The artistic contribution of the video comes from Waqas Ahmed of Carving Production while its aesthetic embellishment is courtesy of a talented guitarist/graphic designer Rizwan Akhtar .

The Milestones lead player Ziyyad Gulzar reuniting with, the bassist Ali Tim is nothing less than phenomena . The duo has made countless hits for a number of artist. Commendable is the induction of the keyboardist Samar .It is befitting as like other members he is multidimensional in scope of composition , programming and playing instruments . The drummer Chralie is a household name in the pop business .Hard hitting Charlie is a full time Commercial Art Director . Last but not the least , Roop Ali serving the vocal chores has come in as a great surprise! Her effortless delivery of Socha Tha Na makes it memorable . Roop Ali has a firm background in music and fashion is her second forte .

The Milestones Socha Na Tha is a great comeback track .A welcome return and back in the studio for a couple more in 2018 is the word .

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