A song for this season , KABHI

  • Posted: January 24, 2018 - 16:5 PKT
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As we approach the cold winter months sitting by the fireplace , it is time for easy listening. It rings in the optimal warmth .The melodic music is back and prepping us for spending our days lounging on the leather couch . Whether you’re at a party for few or late in the night, on the road, driving by the mist laden seashore , Kabhi should be on your winter playlist. Grand it is , every which way you feel Kabhi.

Based out in the scenic capital city of Islamabad the seasoned Khan churns out music that isn’t confined to one genre but is still instantaneously recognizable as his exclusive signature style . Be it the sensational Sunn Re or his artistic rendition of Man kunto maula , the legend of Abbas Ali Khan has the elusive stock-in-trade intact

As expected,Kabhi is a reflection of AAK's diverse musicality.It also serves as a window into his own life experiences.Clearly Abaas Ali Khan has figured out how to get his creative surges across while being economical with his sound.Nothing too extravagant .Stripped down to basic elements of a six stringer . At first, vocals and acoustic guitar reign; even when the smartly assembled backing come in, the space for the rich melody to breathe is refreshing and entrancing.

Kabhi is refreshingly introspective body of work that you need in your life.Give it ears ,by all means !



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