Fuzon Strikes Again

  • Posted: April 19, 2018 - 19:25 PKT
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Fuzon is unquestionably the best and most important band in Pakistan's music history, as well as the most entrancing story.of individuals who formed a group ambitious to create something unique . The Fuzoneers picked the most difficult task of reinventing eastern classical and folk music with modern instrumentation . The dream laden journey began in the mid pop era with rockish independence , innovative technology and classical raagas all knotted together spiritually by Emu and Shallum's transcendental devotion and inventiveness . Years of nothing but blood,toil, tears and sweat , the band eventually emerged triumphant with a sound really unique to itself . Coined as the unique Fuzon sound ,it soon spread and gained nation wide popularity .Things got bigger and Fuzon crossed the great Wagah divide to became a part of it's artistic film culture too .

The band since it's inception has gone through several changes in it's line-up yet retained it's signature sound ,perhaps turned more fierce with every new single to accommodate the modernization of sound and technology that goes into the seasoning of music . It is safe to state that music scenario of today has profound impact of what Fuzoneers created some two decades ago .

From Aankhon Ke Saaghar to Khamaj and Neend Na aye Fuzon has proved its mettle .The band stayed shelved after a successful slew of hits for a while only to return with a classically trained vocalist Khuram Iqbal in tow .

The prodigy with lesser years in the music business proved right the fact that it is the vocal power and just not association with centuries old musical Gharana that matter. Khurram Iqbal is by far the most versatile vocalist that Fuzon has inducted in its ranks .

O Ki Jaana ,an amalgam of rock and traditional folk is the band's newest chapter creating a buzz on the internet clouds . This is to be followed by a dozen more videos ,claims the producer Emu .

'We are not the ones to sit back on our past laurels . Whats done is history! We are going to explore and put out the best music for our fans and followers around the world , adds Shallum.

Engineering wise the mix down of O Ki Jane is comparable to any recording of international standards. The audio clarity of instruments is a perfect ten. For O Ki Jane is a good thing, here is hoping we keep on hearing the good out of Fuzon in the coming future too .

By Ali Tim



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