Khawaja Asif On Blackbuck case !

The star of all super stars Salman Khan has been sentenced behind bars for five years and a fine of 10 thousand rupees by the the Indian court . Meanwhile his accomplices, Saif Ali Khan , Sonali Bandre ,Tabu , Neelam ,of the incident some twenty years ago have been set free . Speaking about the two decade old balckbuck poaching case the Pakistani Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif condemned the decision of Indian court against Salman Khan . "He has been sentenced because he is a minority in India . If Salman khan belonged to the same religion as of the ruling party he wouldn't have been sentenced "said Khawaja Asif .

Salman Khan has already spent his first day in the jail . The trail for the case will proceed with other courts after his lawyers file for the appeal .



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